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604 Riverside Drive

New York, New York

Improvements to the rooftop of a six-story apartment building included installation of a new cool roofing membrane, copper cladding over all existing bulkhead and parapet walls, and an expansive roof deck surfaced in recycled rubber paving tiles for the building’s residents.

  • Main and bulkhead roof replacement (5,000 sq. ft.)
  • Installation of new 20-year resin fleece cool roofing
  • Installation of copper cladding on bulkhead and parapet walls
  • Roof drain replacement
  • Overflow scupper drain installations
  • Copper skylight replacement
  • Design and resurfacing of an elevated roof deck (2,000 sq. ft.) with new sustainable paving materials

Completed: July 2014
Agent: General Property Management
Contractor: Vesta Contracting Group